June 12, 2008

featured in network world! wtf?

On a whim, I checked google analytics to see how people get to this place. I already discussed the keywords that bring people here, though it's worth mentioning that Hayden has shot up nearly to the top of the list. Remarkable. Anyway, among referrer links, I found Blogless Troll was top of the list, followed by bone's 3WW site, then Jane. Thanks, guys! (you can't see me, but I'm waving. really.)

Then, next on the list was Network World. A little (very little) investigation later, I found that my rant against Verizon's photo mail spam inserts was featured in Network World's Blog Buzz on May 12th. That mention was good for 29 visits! Three of those people even viewed one additional page.

This is, of course, entirely irrelevant to my ultimate goal of having my novels published, but I still think I should say "thank you" to Paul McNamara. Thanks, Paul! (If you stop by to read this, just drop a "hi" comment on me.)

BTW, this appears to be my week for fame. I got a front-page shout-out on Nathan Bransford's blog during the Great Discussion of The Future of All Publishing. Which has helped me learn a tremendous amount. (Not necessarily reading the comments, but thinking critically about the questions in order to formulate my own opinions.)


McKoala said...

Almost famous! When you're really famous, I want you to remember all those who believed in you first, and therefore put you at the top of their blog roll.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

So can you see me when I come through my google reader? Or does it show as something else? What if I click from Blogless to you? How do I show up? I'm always weirded out by that stuff you know but it is cool!

JaneyV said...

You're welcome - I like to inadvertently help people. It makes me feel like my good karma is working even when I'm not trying!

I'm impressed that you can understand the stats. I have a sitemeter and a statcounter and I can't make head nor tail of either. I've stopped looking!

You're getting around aren't you? I foresee a bright and shiny future!

The whole ebook debate is an interesting one. It seems to have come full circle with thoughts of serialisation. Isn't that how Dickens published in the 19th century? I think ebooks are inevitable but I also don't see an end to paper publishing because I think as long as there are people who love to read there will always be those of us who enjoy the full sensory experience of it. Holding a book, turning the pages, the look of them on a shelf and even the smell of them all add to the pleasure of the book. I can see a point where people will read an ebook and if the love t will buy the hardback almost as an object of art.
Well I would!

Robin S. said...

I'm so lame that:

1. Even though you're linked on my little blog, I still go over to "favorites" to click on friend's blogs. I'm trying to train myself to change.

2. I swore I wasn't gonna publish my blog- but since you and BT started mentioning the weird ways people find your blog- it sounds fun.

Cool on the blog mention in Network World.


How many people that come on for the weird phrases they look up- end up interacting/commenting?

Anonymous said...

Hi pjd,

No, thank *you* for providing me with fodder for my blog. Nice to see that a few of those who read mine made it back to yours. Good luck with the novel.

Anonymous said...

Hey when you're really famous, as mckoala said, remember who offered you first rights to Uncle PJ's House of Syrup.

I'm surprised you don't get more from WWW - your haikus rock.

PJD said...

Paul! Thanks for stopping by!

Aw, McK, that's sweet. And very timely since my confidence took a smack in the head today.

ello, um... I know there are ways to do it, but I just look at the high level stats. Unfortunately, I'm not sure at all if feed reader hits are counted or not. If you click from BT's link, though, it will list BT's site as the referrer. It also tells me where in the world the visitor is, but it doesn't tell me who they are specifically.

jane, I keep thinking of Dickens and serialization as well, and I think there will be a growth of cooperatives. Regarding "I also don't see an end to paper publishing..." I think most people who feel this way don't think farther than the end of their own lives. Paper will one day go away because of environmental pressures. What will replace it? Dunno exactly, maybe intelligently luminous fabric.

robin--I think very few. Occasionally someone will. Mostly it's the crazy fundamentalist Christian Bush supporters who comment. I think a couple of people might look around at a page or two, but searchers on a mission rarely get derailed by my site.

I'd really like to know if the person searching for piercings who landed on X is for Xena stabbed in the eyelids enjoyed it or not.

Blogless Troll said...

Not only do they come to my blog to get to you, they ask me all kinds of weird questions about you too: Is he seeing anyone? What's his favorite color? Do you think he likes me? It's like junior high all over again.

I don't think I've ever clicked on my blog roll, so I dunno. I suspect it has something to do with Hayden Christensen.

WriterKat said...

You are getting famous by the post. Keep at it, you might be featured on Obama's blog at this rate.

Very interesting analysis. Google has some cool stats.