June 23, 2008

newlywed campout

newlywed campout

I'm ready for our campout, I've got everything I need.
With just this twenty-five pound pack, I'm well prepared, indeed.
I've got my tent and sleeping bag, a camping stove and fuel,
and when we reach the camp today I'll cook us up some gruel.
Some extra socks I've tucked away in case these ones get wet,
a first aid kit, my pocket knife, a flashlight... I'm all set.

I see you've packed your things up, too. I see you've brought a lot.
A flashlight and a sleeping bag, a chair and fold-up cot.
Umbrellas for the rainy days, a fan for when it's hot.
a kettle for a cup of tea, a fancy coffee pot.
Binoculars and camera too. In case we see a bear?
And extra shoes--are those high heels? Ah, yes, I see two pair.
Shampoo and your conditioner, blow dryer for your hair--
We're hiking in the woods, my dear. You'll plug that thing in... where?

Alarm clock, cell phone, iPod, books, a portable TV?
I thought we were to be alone, just nature, you, and me?
And DVDs to play at night--a chick flick trilogy?
You left the fondue set at home, preferring to bring brie
and serve it on the crystal plate you got at Tiffany?
Some Lysol and Febreeze because the tent smells mildewy?
The Allies didn't bring this much when they stormed Normandy!
We're camping in the woods, sweetheart! This is just lunacy!

All right, my dear, don't get upset, I didn't mean to shout.
You've got a little extra stuff. We'll take a few things out.
These extra pots and pans I think that we could do without,
and when do you think you'll find time to make fresh sauerkraut?
Now now, my dear, please don't be sad, there's just no need to pout.
It's just that I was trained to pack much lighter, as a scout.
What do you mean, my attitude has put our love in doubt?
Why would you say that I've become some awful, lousy lout?

I'm sorry, sweet, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings so.
If you don't want to sleep outside, then we don't have to go.
Of COURSE I want to go on a romantic trip with you!
But it could be to a resort, a campsite, an igloo.
The only place I want to be is where you are, my dove.
Just give me one more chance to prove I'm worthy of your love.

One of my writing goals for 2008 is to write at least one light verse or poem every week in addition to my haiku wednesday and fiction friday posts. I will try to do this on Mondays.


Sarah Laurenson said...

Very nice. Loved the contrast.

You really are our poet lariat!

JaneyV said...

Another Pete classic! You are the king of humorous verse! You caught the Mars/Venus vibe so well!

Personally I'm all for light packing. I hate carrying things especially on hills!

So who packed the booze?

paisley said...

this was ever so fun... but i am with the bride... no tent camping for me please......

PJD said...

Thanks, Sarah! :-) I think that was a temporary title, but I'll always treasure it.

Jane... maybe that was the problem. No one packed the booze.

paisley, I admit to being just a little surprised. But then I don't really know that much about you, so why should I be?