June 25, 2008

haiku wednesday - June 25, 2008

This week's words are

Thanks again to bone for the great words. And happy birthday to my good friend Chris, who is one day older than I am.

spontaneous tears
they can't shake my faith in you
just a rumor, dear

spontaneous shake
buildings crumble, levees break
rumor that God's mad

rumor that I'm Dull Dan
I can be spontaneous!
Let's go shake it, girl


anthonynorth said...

I think the last line makes the second one best today. But always good.

paisley said...

you are an artisan with the haiku....

i also wanted to let you know i am in agreement with you on the line you commented on in my post yesterday,, but i am at a loss as to what to replace it with.. it has been uncomfortable since its inception,, but i want to introduce the idea that this was once his home,, and have yet to figure out how to reword it.. thank you for noticing,, as i had grown lazy in my search.....

Tumblewords: said...

You're always 'right on' - a terrific selection using the prompts!

Robin S. said...

First- I love these, especially the first one.

Second - Happy Birthday, a tad early!

Lucy said...

great how you give us three enjoyable haikus!
My favorite is the first.

TC said...

These were all good as usual, giving us a variety of options for whatever our tastes were.

And as someone who oftens seems to be a bit dull, it's always good to get out of routine and be spontaneous, no? :)

Daily Panic said...

very good.
I hope you have a happy birthday today, it's my best friend's birthday today too! So I'll be eating cake and so will you!

Anonymous said...

the ku you had at the prompt is a heartache.. recently in the news here in the inland northwest another brutal child abuse case.. what is happening to us... the scope you cover is amazing to me... great stuff..

Joyce said...

Hey, you like haiku; me, too. I usually do a haiku on Fridays. I'll have to try the Wednesday thing, maybe.

Thanks for your comment on my Ten on Tuesday.