June 18, 2008

haiku wednesday - June 18, 2008

This week's words are

Thanks again to bone for the intriguing words. I especially like "someday" because the company I work for, Wells Fargo, is having a contest called Someday Stories. You could win $100,000 for your story of what your someday plans are. More on that some day later. On to 3WW!

someday I'll open
a frequent flier account.
airline's gone bankrupt?

taxi door, open
frequent gunshots crack the night
someday, rain will come

frequent pleas for love
open up to me someday
bee asks of flower


anthonynorth said...

Excellent as usual. As for the last one, soon it will be the flowers asking the bee where it's gone.

Anonymous said...

Interesting haikus, they seem so serious, thought the last one's somewhat sweet

Daily Panic said...

these are great! Each one you write is like a litte package that reveals what is inside as you read.

Can you enter the Someday contest? Better yet, can I enter the contest? I have a kid to send to college that will cost nearly all the prize money!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the takes
The last one is especially sweet and the first one just made me laugh, I can imagine that scenario pretty easily. :)

Anonymous said...

All of those were awesome. I am still working on mine...LOL!

Anonymous said...

You are one good Haiku/senryu writer. There is so much depth in those..

Pages and pages of it

TC said...

The last one made me sad. I guess I felt I could sympathize.

PJD said...

Thanks, all!

interesting thought, anthony... and I think you're right...

funny how that last one caught some as sweet and others as sad.

dp, check into the Someday Stories contest. As an employee, I am ineligible. I have not yet read all the rules. If you're not a WF employee, then you are likely eligible, though you will need to read the rules.

gautami, thank you for the kind words!