June 24, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Inventions!

This week's Ten on Tuesday theme is "10 inventions that have made life easier." I tried to stay away from the obvious like "the internet" and "google." After all, is "being able to do more work in less time" really making life easier? Or is it just making us do more work in less time?

  1. The ball point pen. Thank goodness we don't have to use quills any more.
  2. Flush toilets. Though I'm guessing they wouldn't be nearly as useful without the sewer system attached.
  3. Sunglasses. Now I can check out all the babes at the pool without getting caught.
  4. Rhyming dictionaries. How do you think I come up with some of my poems?
  5. Pockets. Gives you some place to put your hands when people are looking at you and you're nervous.
  6. FastTrak open road tolling. Has reduced the drive to grandma's from 35 minutes to 20.
  7. Crumple zones. Without them, my family and I might have been really really hurt.
  8. Ladders. Without them, my roof would be covered with frisbees.
  9. Wrinkle-free fabrics. I love love love love LOVE not having to iron pants any more.
  10. Vacuum cleaners. There is no more efficient way to scare the shit out of a cat.
Play along! What inventions do you think have made life easier?


MiLeT said...

your tens are very unique.

my tens are mine! hope you check them out. thanks.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Great list.

So that's what the smashed car pic is from. Yep. Had something similar with my Mom and the 18 wheeler behind us who didn't like her slowing down at the railroad track. Being alive is great and definitely not overrated. And we had Dad's ashes in the trunk, too. Not scattered before his time thankfully. It was one heck of a trip.

Anonymous said...

Awesome answers. Indoor plumbing was one of mine as well!

Marianne said...

Hah hah hah love it.

Vacuum cleaners. There is no more efficient way to scare the shit out of a cat.

Amberleigh said...

nice list!

Joyce said...

I very much agree with pockets; should have thought of that. :)

I'm thankful you're all well after that accident. :(

Jennifer Coomer said...

I liked your list. You came up with some that didn't cross my mind. Like sunglasses! How did I not think of sunglasses? I would not be a happy person without mine.

Teena in Toronto said...

Good ones! How could I live without my shades?!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Robin S. said...

Love your list, Pete.

Sunglasses - gotta love 'em. It's like you're out there, but you're hidden.

This may not be new- but I love electic kettles. The hot water for tea just tastes better coming from a kettle. It's more convenient, and I love the sound of it when the switch flips off. It's just satisfying all around.

JaneyV said...

Great list Pete. I have to say that a flushing toilet is definitely one of the best things ever invented (complete with sewage systems and water cleansing). I too could not live without my shades (I'm beginning to think I'm slightly photophobic) but actually my number one invention would be the normal sight correcting spectacle. I'm blind as the proverbial bat without mine and I really do appreciate having the world in focus.

pacatrue said...

So you were checking me out when you put on your shades that time?!

Stacy said...

Well, I gotta go with the obvious one—Google. It's a godsend for directionally challenged people like me.

PJD said...

all you Tues10ers... I'm off to visit you all now!

Sarah, dear lord I can't imagine an 18 wheeler bearing down on you. It was just a Honda Civic that hit us from behind, thank goodness, but he was going pretty fast. Glad you're here to tell about it.

robin--electric kettles? Don't they give the water a sort of metallic tang? We use a kettle on our gas stove. The correlary invention is, of course, the whistler on the kettle. We had one that was broken once and I actually let it get so hot it caught the plastic handle on fire and melted it onto the stove. Oops.

Jane, ah yes regular glasses. And we might go all the way back to the invention of the glass lens and a focus mechanism. Truly useful to the world.

paca, I think you have me confused with someone else. I said "babes," not "camelids."

freddie, I know what you mean with google maps. When my wife drives anywhere more than 20 minutes away, I can count on a phone call to help her find her way. I've taken to answering her calls thus: "On Star, how may I help you?"

Stacy said...

Your wife is very lucky! Before Google, I used to just stop the car, panic, start crying, then find a pay phone. Now I just wander around in the general area until I figure it out.