June 28, 2008

San Francisco farmers market

Update: This picture email from my phone did not include any Verizon spam text! I don't know when they made this change or if it's an anomaly or if they heard the voice of the consumer revolt (yes, many people tell me I'm revolting). But no spam text. Life is good.


Robin S. said...

Nice picture, Pete.

And yesssss - no spam. I hate spam
anywhere. Even the edible kind!

writtenwyrdd said...

Ah, an SF summer day with fog/haze. I miss those. Okay, I miss SF not the fog.

PJD said...

I don't think there was any spam at the farmers market, either. There was jerkey, though, and tons of most excellent and succulent peaches, and honey sticks. And a girl who sang poorly but played the accordion well, in a very short skirt on a very short stage. She sane in French, Spanish, and English. Perhaps German as well, though I don't remember that part.