April 24, 2008

Prizes! Contests! Poetry!

I am, once again, dubbed Poet Lariat for a day over at the big EE blogiversary party. That means we have two poetry contests that run all day long. I am the judge.

The first contest is to write a poem in some way idolizing Evil Editor. Idolatry does not need to be limited to fawning adulation. It can include vicious attacks, inside jokes, and out-and-out roasting.
The prize: Heather Wardell will create a custom murder mystery game just for you!

The second contest is to write a poem in some way about writing.
The prize: Ello has donated a $20 gift certificate as the prize.

And when you're done, hop over to EE's blog, which is what we're celebrating, after all.


Bernita said...

Wonderful contests and party!

Thank you, PJD, for your expression of concern.

Saipan Writer said...

You know, I'm surprised you haven't been offered weredingos and rabid squirrels in bribery of your judgment.

But then we know you'd never succumb.

Would you?

PJD said...

No, I don't take bribes. It's unfortunate, really. I could be so much wealthier. Like, my net worth could double to fifty bucks.