April 29, 2008

My typical Tuesday morning.

This is one of the two crosswalks I guard on Tuesday mornings and afternoons. Beautiful, no? This is before the inattentive children and wacko drivers arrive.

When I first posted this from my phone, for some reason Verizon decided to add all this garbage about how it was sent from some service. I had to delete all that crap. How annoying.

Annoying email tack-on text. How bourgeois.


bluesugarpoet said...


Chris Eldin said...

It looks like a pool of blood next to the traffic cone.
Maybe somebody from Marrow Manor?

PJD said...

Yah, it's not blood, which is lucky. I've nearly been killed four times out there. Once was so close I am lucky to be alive.

You'd think a crosswalk at an elementary school would be a reasonably safe place. It's not.

WriterKat said...

Nothing about elementary seems safe. There is something wacko about a school of children. They have the potential to out-number us in brains and brawn, and psycho-judgement to take us out.

Our crossing guard meticulously sweeps her corner after every light change. She takes the job very seriously. Can I offer you one of her brooms?