April 23, 2008

things I've learned from The Master of Evil

Evil Editor began blogging two years ago, and there's a party going on. I had only just begun reading Miss Snark's blog when she pointed over to EE. I clicked the link and found a world of evil hilarity. Along the way, among the many laughs, I learned a few things, too. Such as:

  • Star Wars is not science fiction.
  • There are very few things easier than creating a title that just doesn't work.
  • Fake plots are, quite frequently, far superior to the real ones.
  • A query is a difficult thing to get right.
  • Especially when your story is weak.
  • The four best books ever written are still available for sale.
  • Some plots, not even a vampire can rescue.
Speaking of vampires, I personally found the new movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" to be quite funny. I imagine Evil Editor to be something like Aldous Snow in person.

Over the two years, I've submitted two queries for ridicule and not been disappointed. I've also submitted well over 250 "guess the plot" entries, and I'm hopeful that at least 5% of my comments have been either funny or helpful. Funny is the goal, even it it was unintentional.

Anyway, get on over to the party, and also go to EE's blog. There are lots of contests, including two poetry contests judged by yours truly, to celebrate EE's second anniversary of blogging.


Chris Eldin said...

My list is similar! The blue text is addictive.

Chris Eldin said...

Hey, where da rhymes?

Don't take away Marrow Manor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin S. said...

Oh, yeah. I submitted one query- and it was diced and dissed all over hell's half acre. Thank God I sent it to HRH and not any agents.

You're a sweetie, Pete!

McKoala said...

"I've submitted two queries for ridicule and not been disappointed"

Don't you love that feeling of setting yourself up for public humiliation?! I think I've only done it once, but I've sent in a few starts for minion slashing.

PJD said...

man, that party is just too quick for me. maybe I need to quit my job to keep up with it.