April 23, 2008

haiku wednesday - April 23, 2008

This week's words are

it makes my heart stop
years reflected in her smile
picture of autumn

picture tot on trike
reflected in chrome terror
why did you not stop?

she's in the picture
background mirror reflected
it has to stop, now

Two days only! Visit the Evil Editor Anniversary Party! Especially you poets. Two poetry contests, of which I am judge (dubbed "poet lariat" for these two days). Hie your asses over there and send in some pomes, dudes and dudettes.


JaneyV said...

I'm guessing the words are actually

I'm off the see the Editor, the wonderful editor of evil!

Sherry said...

I always enjoy reading your haiku...you manage to take these 3 words and paint a different picture each time.

Anonymous said...

Three pictures painted with perfectly placed strokes.

PJD said...

D'oh! Thanks, Jane. Moving too quickly with too little coffee this morning. I've fixed it now.

Sherry/cherie: thanks! I try to vary it. Had a little trouble with these today, but I'm not sure why.

marcia, you're too kind. :-)

TC said...

The first one is melancholy, but that second one... oh man. Heart stopper.

poefusion said...

Love that second haiku because it reminds me of little blue tricycle. What fun I had with that thing. Thanks for allowing me a trip down memory lane.

And, I agree the first haiku (posted at 3WW) and here are sad. I feel their is a loss where the heart's been unable to mend. Thanks for sharing your haiku. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

love the first one, very sweet

paisley said...

all excellently executed.. that middle one is tough.....

Linda Jacobs said...

Sad and scary but always well-done!

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, these are so well done! Each one so different!

Tammy Brierly said...

It's amazing how you tell such riveting tales in so few words.

Anonymous said...

Did I leave my comment? My computer just gliched!! Well if I didn't I said something eloquent, along the lines of thanking you in sharing three different prismatic views in the lives of three very different words. It sounded better the first time!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the so different pictures you painted using the same words

Gemma Wiseman said...

The "chrome terror" got me.

Great angles of thought and emotions from 3 little words.