April 20, 2008

Q is for Quincy blown off in the wind

Q is for Quincy blown off in the wind
04/20/2008 - National Poetry Month post #23, part of The Unlucky Twenty-Six

Quincy McTatter was a kid so unlucky
you'd think that his life was just terribly sucky.
But little Quince thought that his life was just ducky,
and everyone called him a little too plucky.

Quince broke his arm when he'd barely turned three,
when he fell from a branch while climbing a tree,
and while he was healing he broke his left knee
when he slipped in the bathroom while taking a pee.

Walking to kindergarten one day in May
young Quince was attacked by a crazy blue jay
outside Marrow Moore's most prestigious cafe
and he broke his right hand while running away.

In first grade young Quince slipped on ice in December,
hitting his head so he couldn't remember
the first little thing since the third of September,
and he burned himself later on a fireplace ember.

The second grade took a trip to the city
where Quincy thought all of the buildings were pretty.
He walked along, looking up, humming a ditty
and broke seven toes tripping over a kitty.

On Quncy's eighth birthday they had a big party
and all his friends came--Alf, Rod, Greg, even Marty;
they had a huge cake and a dinner so hearty
that all of the kids got to feeling quite farty.

And after the dinner he got out his kite
and sent it up soaring to all their delight
right up to the clouds, to a new record height
all the way into orbit, a new satellite!

And then, from the east, there came a huge twister
and Quincy was grabbed round the waist by his sister
but he held to his kite and would only resist her;
he told her good-bye and then, quick, he kissed her.

And the dust swirled around as he watched his kite fly
and his feet left the ground and a rock hit his eye
and he thought, "Very likely I'm going to die,"
as he followed his kite straight up into the sky.

One of my writing goals for 2008 is to write at least one light verse or poem every week in addition to my haiku wednesday and fiction friday posts. I will try to do this on Mondays.


Chris Eldin said...

I am so far behind. I'll come back later and read the last couple.
Keep going!!! WOOOHOOO!

Blogless Troll said...

Yet another ditto/whatIsaidbefore/etc. These keep getting better and better. I don't want them to stop at Z. Maybe you could tackle the Greek alphabet next.

Not to nitpick or anything, but you've got the P is for Peter title on this one.

PJD said...

Thanks, BT. I've fixed that oversight. Oops. I also found two typos in the previous one. I must be slipping.

Anonymous said...

Quincy sounds like the most unlucky so far but he seem kind of happy at the end, I would not pity him at all

JaneyV said...

This was even funnier than Peter!
Pete - keep going these are so great!