April 3, 2008

tragedy at mcfee manor

tragedy at mcfee manor
04/03/2008 - National Poetry Month post #3

Remember now the tragedy
of Little Carol Anne McFee,
a girl so filled with villainy,
no one would write her eulogy.

It was a winter blustery
when Carol Anne in secrecy
stole silent from the nursery
amid the family's revelry

"'Twas only to escape," thought she,
"the bitterness of dull ennui."
In truth it was hostility
towards all God's creatures running free.

The cat first tasted her cruelty--
she tied it to the Christmas tree
and set it fire just to see
if it would wail like a banshee.

She wanted to test gravity
so coaxed the puppy to floor three
and through the curtains billowy
she threw it to its injury.

She found a little mouse so wee
she put it in a cup of tea
so boiling hot the thing went "squeee!"
She mailed it off to Tennessee.

She thought she'd test her mastery
and got the bow for archery,
but with the shaft's delivery
she skewered sister's goose named Dee.

She spent her morning filled with glee
but in her own debauchery
she got to feeling quite carefree
and wandered past the boundary.

She walked along the scenery
and squished a lonely bumblebee
and laid waste an ant colony
while thinking it was comedy.

It got so dark she couldn't see.
Into a deep, dark hole fell she,
and lay there with a twisted knee
alone in her captivity.

A storm blew in ferociously
and in its raw brutality
it snowed all night til half past three
and covered Carol Anne McFee.

One of my writing goals for 2008 is to write at least one light verse or poem every week in addition to my haiku wednesday and fiction friday posts. I will try to do this on Mondays.


bluesugarpoet said...
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bluesugarpoet said...

Oh, it's very sad to read
What happened to poor Miss McFee.
Possessed, perhaps, was she.
Or maybe she ate too much wasabi?

PJD said...

no, that was little Timmy Lee
who never learned how to agree
he wanted a snack real spicy
and choked on a wasabi pea

JaneyV said...

Who'd have thought so much could rhyme with ee!
The way the awful deeds are juxtaposed with the jaunty rhythm is quite spooky -I like it!
Nice one!

Blogless Troll said...


After reading your cool poetry,
My thoughts all seem to end with eee.

PJD said...

jane--it helps to have a good rhyming dictionary. I have an old, dog-eared, yellowed-paper copy of Whitfield's University Rhyming Dictionary, which has proven a great asset. I have yet to find an online resource as good.

BT--tell me about it. It took two hours to stop rhyming everything with ee.

Unknown said...

Ooh, I was never this horrid :)
Carol Ann (with no e) McFee

PJD said...

Oh, Carol, how funny! I guess this name was more likely to match a real person's name than Laura Tiffany Tate McSmother.

Unknown said...

LOL, Laura Tiffany may yet turn up :)