April 9, 2008

F is for Farrah left out in the rain

F is for Farrah left out in the rain
04/09/2008 - National Poetry Month post #10, part of The Unlucky Twenty-Six

Farrah was a girl renowned
whose parents lived in Hollywood.
She often followed them around
exactly as a collie would.

Her lovely yellow floaty hair
made her a fave for magazines;
her deep blue eyes made others stare
and landed her some movie scenes.

She was but only eight years old
when given her first starring role,
a movie called "The Lie Foretold,"
about a girl who lost her soul.

A scary movie, to be sure,
too violent and filled with gore,
but mom could not resist the lure
of riches, wanting only more.

They used their little Farrah dear,
exploiting her for every cent,
and covered her in thick veneer
of makeup, spray, and custom scent.

They dressed her up in evening gowns,
paraded her in lingerie,
through glitzy cities, tiny towns,
collecting fortunes on the way.

In Marrow Moor, in weather foul,
they dressed her up in pageant wear
and made her up using a trowel--
gunk was getting everywhere.

Blush, mascara, cream, foundation,
everything Lancome might make,
it was a total transformation
until she was completely fake.

They went outside, got in the shuttle
as the rain came pouring down,
but when she stepped into a puddle,
little Farrah slipped, fell down.

Her mommy watched the makeup melt
and daddy had nothing to say.
Remorse and grief were all they felt
as Farrah slowly washed away.

One of my writing goals for 2008 is to write at least one light verse or poem every week in addition to my haiku wednesday and fiction friday posts. I will try to do this on Mondays.


Robin S. said...

Woo-hoo! BT was right. You ARE in the zone sweetie.

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

that's lovely. Had me laughing.

Thanks for the editing suggestion--duh--was so blatant

Blogless Troll said...

Awww. That one was sad.

JaneyV said...

Those beauty pageants for little girls are so creepy aren't they? Poor Farrah - cleanse, tone, moisturise - stay away from puddles of acid rain! Is anyone else sensing that Marrow Moor isn't the best place to take your kids!
Lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

sad, tragic stories but quite entertaining, I think my favorite so far is Donna

will be coming back to read more

Chris Eldin said...

I can't read this right now, but the project I'm working on (a children's middle grade) has a chapter about Farah the Fairy. She's a near-sighted tooth fairy.
Yes, it's a great chapter.
Will have to read your take on Farah later....

PJD said...

Wow, what a range of reactions. :-)

The pressure of putting these together is getting tougher. I've just finished #8 out of 26... 18 more to go! I think I can make it all the way to the end, and I hope they don't begin to get repetitive and boring along the way. That's my biggest fear.

Chris Eldin said...

I'm loving this dysfunctional family who resides on Marrow Moor!!

paisley said...

now this one is kind of sad in a realistic kind of a way......