March 11, 2008

why I came home late

why I came home late
3/10/2008 (Monday light verse, special delayed Tuesday edition)

it was a chilly winter evening,
a deserted desert road
in the northern of Nevada
just beyond the Comstock lode

down the mountain I was driving
while the winter blew and snowed
and the icy curves lay lurking
in the darkness so I slowed

but I skidded off the highway
cause a tire up and blowed
and we landed in a river bed
where ice and water flowed

so I climbed on top and hunkered down
and with a paddle rowed
til we smashed into a great big rock
and saw a stranded toad

and we plucked him from the frozen wash
as magically he glowed
and he croaked his thanks for saving him
and said his life he owed

then we all swam to the riverbank
as nearby cattle lowed
and we roped us one and got on board
and to the city rode

where we found a tow truck driver
who we had to prod and goad
then we took him to the river
where the smashed up car we showed

he hooked it up and pulled it out
and to his shop he towed
and all the while his rusty truck
creaked hard under its load

and all the while he grinned at me--
the bill it growed and growed--
while to the east a rosy sky
warmed up as sunrise glowed

well of course I couldn't pay him
so he never would unload
and that magic toad croaked out a curse
that made his truck corrode

that driver was so mad he got his
shotgun to reload
as he was gunning, I was running
at full sprint home I goed

and that's why I came dragging in
right as the rooster crowed
an awful, icy, snowy night
out by the Comstock lode.

One of my writing goals for 2008 is to write at least one light verse or poem every week in addition to my haiku wednesday and fiction friday posts. I will try to do this on Mondays.


Blogless Troll said...

Once again, pure genius. How many of these do you have? You should put them together in a collection. I'd buy it.

PJD said...

Why, thank you! Unfortunately, I only have about a half dozen or so that I have not posted. Each of the ones I've posted was composed as a blog post. I figure after a year or so I'll have enough to compile into a collection. Nice to know I'd have two buyers now (you and my mom, and I'm not sure I could count on Mom).

WriterKat said...

That's great. You can make another "When the Sidewalk Ends." You've got some really fun material. I'd buy.

PJD said...

Thanks, Kat! Some day I hope I may be in the same class as Shel Silverstein, but that day is still a long way off. The good news is that my kids seem to like what I come up with. For the most part.