March 12, 2008

haiku wednesday - March 12, 2008

This week's words are

money woes began
apartment power shut off
feet, hands, mind all numb

foreclosed--lost the house
began apartment hunting
soul numb with fatigue

caught in apartment
numb from naked betrayal
it began last year?


Anonymous said...

I like. As I am moving house, the second one struck home..if you know what I mean.

BTW, your link at 3WW takes it back to the 3ww post, not here!

paisley said...

i think so often about all of the peoples lives that are consumed in money problems,, facing shut offs foreclosures.. this is the first time in my life since i was 15 years old that i have a home i will not loose to such avarice... i cannot tell you what calm that allows one to feel.....

Anonymous said...

I really loved them all--how they wove into each other

As I'm selling an apartment in one of the last remaining good areas and planning to buy a townhouse in a down area, I feel a bit as if I'm profiting off others misery

rel said...

A nice progression, and I think you had more in your head too. ;)

L said...

very nice, i like how well they flow together.

Tumblewords: said...

An ode to these troubled times - nicely done!

Unknown said...

Very nice...

You can find my entry here: The Fire

Have a great day!

UL said...

the first for me ...such issues are the worst..

TC said...

These were all really good. You could feel the entire story in each of them.

PJD said...

Thanks to all of you for dropping by and commenting.

gautami--thanks for the link Rx! I went and recommented on bone's site.

paisley--I couldn't agree more. Though I don't come from that socioeconomic range, I see it a lot in my dealings with United Way and other groups, and I have come to understand it more and more.

pia--no guilt. the whole point of "buy low, sell high" is to be a better planner than the other guy. if you've ever bought or sold stocks, it's the same thing.

rel--I still like yours better. :-)

leigh, tumblewords, laane, and UL--thanks for your kind words!

tc--too late to read yours tonight, but I hope to on Thursday.

WriterKat said...

Why do I suddenly feel poor? Great use of the words. Timely to the country's woes.

Anonymous said...

great haikus - always amusing, always an interesting read.

Chris Eldin said...

I like these. Your previous one about the toad was funny also.

Sherry said...

Loved them all..but especially the second. You do this so well, seems so effortless and they all seem to blend together, one falling into the other.

little wing writer said...

three great kus.. all so numbing.. now you're talking No.9 in no.3... we're all losin little bits every day... just a little note…b/c thrz another gal named littlewing in the poetry blog community im changing my name from littlewing to onemorebeliever…tho my blogname wont change

Anonymous said...

You have captured the current state of so many people in your phrase:

"soul numb with fatigue"

A shame it came to this, whether by their personal mismanagement or misleading business practices - or both.