March 30, 2008

USS Hornet cub scout overnight trip


Chris Eldin said...

That's quite a photo!!!
Where did you guys go?

PJD said...

Thanks, Chris! I live in the San Francisco area, and the USS Hornet aircraft carrier is now parked in Alameda as a museum. They do a special overnight program for scouts (they also do one for families). They have a number of aircraft including this F-14 and some older ones. My favorite is the WWII torpedo bomber that is straight out of the old TV show "Black Sheep Squadron" or whatever it was called.

The boys love it and the docents are usually really great with the kids and very knowledgeable. The Hornet has a rich history in the US Navy, and it's just cool to be inside a huge ship that has such history and to tour the bridge, the CIC, the flight deck, flight control, and other areas, and to sleep in the berths and eat in the mess. The scouts love it. In fact, it's my older son's favorite place on Earth. (OK, but he's only 11 so he hasn't been that many places yet.)

WriterKat said...

Awesome! I hope it was great.

I'm jealous as I plan for our first Boy Scout trip. We're all about tents and marshmallows and quite excited. But to add an aircraft! What more could a boy ask for.

PJD said...

kat, yours is in boy scouts or cub scouts? We've done dozens of cool cub scout activities and camping trips, but I'm also looking forward to training up to be a boy scout leader now that my older one has bridged into boy scouts. They do some amazing camping and events.

If you're interested in an overnight on a ship and you're in the Bay Area, check out the USS Hornet site and the USS Pampanito (a submarine). They both do overnights.