March 6, 2008

go solar

My family went to a movie night sponsored by the Rahus Institute tonight. They showed two movies about solar energy because, well, that's what they do. They teach kids about solar power. One of their movies was about the 2005 Solar Decathlon, in which universities from around the world design and build functional solar homes.

This is a remarkable competition, and the video is definitely something to watch. If you or your kids are at all scientifically inclined, or if you find yourself watching hours upon hours of HGTV (particularly that Ed Begley Jr show), you should go to the site and buy the video. It had clips of the 2007 competition also, in which the Santa Clara University team used hot water to cool their house.

The houses have to be fully functional and are graded on ten criteria. While solar power is at the heart of the competition, the teams tend to focus on fully sustainable technologies and use a lot of recycled and organic materials. Plus, the designs they come up with are very cool.

Here's a preview of the video.


Blogless Troll said...

Cool. I'm still waiting for this stuff to be perfected. Though it'll probably run into the same problems Tesla did with his free energy: How do you put a meter on it?

PJD said...

Thanks for that link. Very interesting technology being developed these days, and when they become practical economically, hopefully the USA can go from being the world's worst polluter to being the world's most powerful economy based on innovative, green technology.