March 26, 2008

beer labels

Someone was talking about saloons and home brewing the other day (ok, it was Christine), and it reminded me that it's time for me to make another batch of something, maybe an English ale this time. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of the private labels I've made in the past few years. I hope you enjoy. Sorry, there's no more beer available, but if you want to request a batch, I'll consider making one up.

The Bunny Brew was a pale ale and was a big hit. I think my mom may actually have an unopened bottle still. (Note the 2003 vintage.)

Every year my soccer club (men's over-30 league, our club has four teams in the league) has a raucous dinner-dance with a raffle and auction to raise a little extra money for the club. For several years I brewed something special for the auction. Since many of the club members are British, Irish, or Scottish (and at least one Welshman), there's a lot of beer drinking after the games. My team for the past ten years has been the Clayton Town. Thus, the "town drink."

The Royal Oaks are also in our club, but they're an over-40 team full of crusty, grumpy old men. The younger guys tend to drink Gatorade or other energy drinks at halftime, but I would not be surprised if some of these old goats have an agreement with the local pub for their halftime boost.

I was a member of a terrific writing group in 2006 that folded when two of the members had irreconcilable political differences which created a rift among the writers. It's too bad, really, because it was, I thought, one of those very rare things: A group with several talented writers who all had a great rapport for honest and useful critique. We met at a cafe called "Yellow Wood Cafe" and so called ourselves the Yellow Wood Writers. This beer I brewed and labeled in honor of my first short story sale. First "draft." Get it? Get it?

I have others, but I figure you weren't interested in these so why should I post any more?



Precie said...


So did Peter's First Draft get rave reviews?

Chris Eldin said...

LOL! Ditto what Precie asks!
(thanks for the shout out!)

Blogless Troll said...

Ha! These are great. How did the beer turn out?

Anonymous said...

My fav is the Peter's First Draft, too, although I love a good pale ale.

Great. Now I want beer.

PJD said...

Yes, rave reviews were received. The First Draft was actually a pretty good ale, too. Maybe it's time for a revision.

Lily said...

not lurking...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Your labels look really good! A while back I brought a home brewing kit and for a while now I have been brewing my own traditional ales, It has been a big hit with my friends and family who now actually pay for their bottles. I wanted to add that extra touch to my ale so I designed my own beer labels and had them printed by a British labels company who did a excellent job. It has made my beer bottles look really great!

Daniel Crease said...

Check out my site if you want some of those printed