June 24, 2007

A huge gym

This is half of the local gym we went to this morning in minneapolis. simply enormous.

[edit: This "gym" was staggeringly huge. In Minneapolis, they have been building these behemoths that can handle hundreds of people at once. This particular gym has only been open three weeks. It's got two indoor basketball courts, four racquetball courts, four squash courts, an indoor climbing wall, an indoor water park, an indoor lap pool, an outdoor water park, an outdoor lap pool, at least 20 stationary bikes, at least 80 stair steppers, at least 40 elliptical trainers, and a free weight/machine area about 10,000 square feet. They have an array of TVs above the weight area that makes it look like a Vegas sports book. The hot tub in the indoor water park area looked like it could easily hold thirty people at once. The locker rooms were like something from a $500-a-day spa with mahogany veneer lockers, an array of 20 sinks, individual shower stalls with doors... this place was crazy huge.]

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