June 27, 2007

haiku wednesday

This week's words are:

negligible hope
I won't resent rejection
envelope returned

This is a new one Karen pointed me to through the Write Stuff forum. Each week, if possible, I will try to create a haiku from the three words provided by 3WW. It might be tough if he picks an eight syllable word, though.


Gay said...

Nothing wasted, and you got it down. Nailed it even. I'm impressed.

Welcome to the gang.

Anonymous said...

Actually I loved it. It's a writer's haiku--rejection, yes

gautami tripathy said...

Writing a haiku with 3 given words IS tough. You did well.

Bone said...

Great haiku! Thanks for participating. I'll try and lay off the 8-syllable words for a few weeks anyway :)