June 18, 2007

haiku diner

can't sleep? go on line.
haiku diner -- open late!
now serving breakfast

on a plane all day
room service, email, and blogs

fifteen hundred words
prose at thirty thousand feet
new short story draft

busy tomorrow
i'll finish the story then
don't tell my boss, 'k?

my travel diet:
snickers, coffee, and no sleep
quality suffers

distant siren fades
pale, ghost shadows flicker blue
laptop in dark room

thanks for visiting
haiku diner: never closed!
y'all come back now, hear?


~willow~ said...

nice! I recently watched the South Park episode where Stan was churning out haikus insulting to Cartman, this is an extension of the enjoyment: i gotta let loose and have fun with this format one of these days...

PJD said...

As long as you don't care about actual quality, it can be really fun. And, like throwing darts with a blindfold on, if you throw enough then you're bound to get a bullseye at some point.

robinstarfish said...

surfing for haiku
landing on a random page
scores on corner kick