June 16, 2007

Family Hike

I love this new mobile blogging thing. I figured out how easy it is to blog a photo from my phone. Once you set it up, all you do is send the photo to go at blogger dot com and it shows up on your blog. Very cool.

Today we took a walk (not really a "hike" if it's on a paved jogging path, is it?) around the reservoir. Beautiful but windy day. There was a wedding taking place in the grassy area. Beautiful young bride, smiley wedding party in purple (almost a deep wine color but it was really purple). There was also a disownered beagle running away from the two women trying to rescue it and find its rightful owners.

Mobile blogging also has me looking at things a different way, as if everything I see could make an interesting photo. The reality is that it wouldn't, of course, but I realized I'm seeing things in more detail now that I've got this new blogging tool and need some reason to use it.

3,521 and still counting. We also drove past all the crosses on the hillside today. It is staggering if you let it get into your head and into your heart.

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