February 14, 2008


Valentine's Day is officially out of control when the Government presents a Stimulation Package to the Economy. I'm wondering what exactly the Economy sees when it opens the Stimulation Package. Cheap massage oil (under $60 a barrel)? Perfume so the housing market won't stink? Dirty pictures of Alan Greenspan? I can imagine the inside of the card:

Dear Economy,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Tax refunds are fun
So let's give them two!
The Government
Hopefully, The Government gave The Economy just what she wanted. It's almost impossible to pick the right Valentine's Day gift to get the exact desired result. But really, if you've got a fundamentally flawed relationship to begin with, a little chocolate and winky-winky may get you some action one night of the year, but it's not going to rekindle lost romance.


Anonymous said...

the kind of economic stimulus I need would take 10K to 20K - and even then, I would just put it toward our retirement rather than spend it.

A few thousand dollars will hardly scratch the surface!

btw, nice photo, lol

WriterKat said...

You gave me a great laugh. I love your commentary & Valentine twist. Kudos. The picture is great. I'm taking any pennies they throw my way and buying a big chocolate bar. That's about as much stimulation I need right now. ;-)

PJD said...

When we get our stimulation, we're paying down some debt. They'd prefer we buy durable goods I'm sure because durable goods purchases is a major economic indicator. But we'll pay down our debt.

Blogless Troll said...

Funny post! Always wondered what Andrea Mitchell saw in him.

And yeah, the economy's a house of cards continually being shored up by the blind. But as long as people are still dazzled by a piece of chocolate now and then, nothing will change.

Unknown said...

If I get a stimulating check I'm going to put it into savings. Ha! Take that Big Government.

Where did you get that photo? Who is that?