February 21, 2008

illness, crazy busy-ness, queries!

The one really great thing about having a real job is you get paid. Yesterday I had a chat with my boss, and it's raise and bonus time. So, good news coming on the pay stubs next month. Not quite as good as I'd hoped, but damn, I'll take it.

The one really bad thing about having a real job is that... you have to work. This week has been crazy as I've tried to ramp up to host a major meeting next week in Phoenix. In addition, I've been revising my query for Gold Miner's Daughter and polishing the manuscript in the hopes of striking while the iron is hot and capturing the attention of the three agents I connected with at SFWC last weekend.

Plus, that awful cold/flu/cough/ugh that is going around has hit 50% of my household. Fortunately not me (yet). Unfortunately, that means I'm in line to get it right when my Phoenix meetings are at their height.

The upshot: I'd hoped to send out four queries by the end of the week, but I've only managed one so far. And tonight I have a starring role in our big cub scout pack banquet, asking for people to fork over yet more donations.

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