February 22, 2008

Fiction Friday: Two Lost Souls

This Week’s Theme: Insert this song lyric into your fiction: ‘We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.'
Charlie: Dude, answer your phone.
Gilbert: Eff you. I'll answer my phone when I want, dude.
Charlie: What the hell is your ring tone, anyway?
Gilbert: Dark Side of the Moon.
Charlie: Dark side of your butt.
Gilbert: What?
Charlie: You heard me. You gonna answer that?
Gilbert: Nah. It's probably my mom, anyway.
Charlie: You got a special ring tone for your mom? Pink Floyd?
Gilbert: No, dude. She's the only one that ever calls me. Well, her and you. And you're here, so why would you call me, right?
Charlie: Check out that dude over there.
Gilbert: What, the homeless dude in the tie-dye?
Charlie: That's not tie-dye, dude. That's like his breakfast or something.
Gilbert: Barf omelet. Sick.
Charlie: Dude.
Gilbert: So, what guy? That guy over by the red pickup?
Charlie: Dude! Are you blind? That's a chick. No. The guy in the window. Behind the chick.
Gilbert: Oh, man.
Charlie: What's he doing?
Gilbert: Um... marketing, I think. See, he's like got some... something there.
Charlie: Yeah but he's all up in that window, like he's on display or something.
Gilbert: You wanna get lunch?
Charlie: It's like he's a goldfish.
Gilbert: Tuna fish, dude. I need sustenance. Let's get lunch.
Charlie: I wonder if they ever let him out? Maybe he has to stay in there, dude.
Gilbert: You're twisted, man. Let's get lunch.
Charlie: Like those fish at the dentist, just waving their fins and doing that mouth thing.
Gilbert: Mouth thing?
Charlie: You know, like this. Charlie opens and closes his mouth like a fish. Bwoop bwoop bwoop.
Gilbert: Bwoop bwoop bwoop? Dude, I think your blood sugar's low. Let's go eat.
Charlie: They just swim around man, day after day, week after week, month after month.
Gilbert: Looking up to the heavens. I just want lunch! Dude, get a grip, OK? We're not philosophers, dude. We're just two lost souls.
Charlie: Swimming, in a fish bowl. Year after year.
Gilbert: Forget it.
Charlie: It must be really boring being a fish. It must be really boring being that guy.
Gilbert: Yeah, maybe. But I bet they give him lunch.
Charlie: Gilbert's phone rings again. Dude, you gonna answer that?
Gilbert: Yes.
Charlie: Don't you wanna get lunch instead?
Gilbert: Eff you, dude.

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Unknown said...

This left me chuckling. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Really funny! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

what a fun read and how many times can you fit dude into the conversation? hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny dude! I loved it. Good work.

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I'm a fan also. Was waiting for the 'dude, where's my car' line. Catchy dialogue and much seen of the world outside of them through their banter.

anthonynorth said...

A nice bit of humour, and I liked the way you split the line into conversation.