February 15, 2008

The A/V Club

[To all my Fiction Friday friends: Sorry, no time to play today. I hope to return next week! Though I love the prompt and had a good idea picked out.]

Somehow they found me out. They must have read the story I submitted to the contest, where I "came out" as it were. That's right: I'm a writer, sure, but I'm also... an engineer. My college degree is in electrical engineering, and they must have figured because of that I was a total geek back in the day. Although I was getting over my geekiness by college, they'd have been right about me if they'd gone all the way back to high school.

So what did they do? As a volunteer at the writers conference, I've been assigned to the "Tape/Audio" group. There's no sugar coating this. They've forced me into the A/V Club.

You remember the A/V Club in high school, right? The nerds. The geeks. The ones who took film strips seriously, making sure to turn at the beep... and only at the beep. They fixed the lamps in the projectors, wheeled around the A/V carts. And spent time after school doing it, too.

No, I was never in the A/V Club in school. But it looks like I'll be joining them today.


Maria Dudley said...

Just like "Freaks and Geeks."

bluesugarpoet said...

No one can lead a double life forever. Eventually the truth rises to the surface, or in your case, finds its way to the projection screen.

PS where do you find all of these cool pictures you've been posting here??!!

Brenda said...

Aww. It'll be okay. Promise.

WriterKat said...

Now you're hooked. Beware!

Just remember that what was geek at 13 is hot at 40. :-)