July 25, 2007

haiku wednesday

This week's words are

don't mind the steroids
Bonds fan looks the other way
reality ball

fan creative flames
fiction or reality?
it's all in the mind


Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter for the critique. I agree it breaks down a bit, but I seldom redo poems. This one I may.

I love your haiku, they are right on the mark. :)



Anonymous said...

As rose says , you haiku are very tight and apt.

Anonymous said...


I wrote a second version of my poem. If you have time, I would greatly appreciate your opinion.



Gay said...

Great haiku... and three, WOW! Even a topical baseball one. So very tight with the words so connected. Well done.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed the second one. A very clever and economical use of the words. JC

paisley said...

i loved them,, i haven't ventured into the world of haiku's much.. you make me rethink that

Clare said...

Very cool haiku -- well, the second one is hot with the flames!

Bone said...

Yes, very topical on the first. Good job, PJD.

Break the record. I'm
Sick of hearing about it
Town hall meeting? Please.

Could I be that blind?
Then I remember Pete Rose
Reality hits

TC said...

don't mind the steroids
Bonds fan looks the other way
reality ball

Oh this flipping makes me ill. I wrote a post about it the other day, how I'm sooo sick of hearing about Barry Bonds and the idea that someday kids are going to look up to him and hello, Hank Aaron owes him NOTHING.

Good job. Wish I could write haiku.

Paul said...

I love the way haikus force you to express things in so few words. You've done this very well.