October 20, 2010

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Be careful when naming your union

Last night I saw the movie Waiting for "Superman."  It is a good movie, and if you can see it at a screening with a live discussion panel afterwards, you should.  One of the speakers last night was an executive from a local teachers union.  Frankly, he said little to change my mind about teachers unions being a main cause of the downfall of our public schools.  In fact, his attitude, from the words to his tone of voice, was terribly defensive.  He preferred to declare the film a pack of lies rather than talk about education.

Anyway, I guess that put education in the back of my mind all day today.  So when I ran across a "child-killer" character named "Medea" in this blog post about novels, I paused.  I googled it and found the wikipedia entry for Medea, which indicates that indeed, in the original myths, she murdered children.

But I'd heard that name before.  Where had I heard it before?

Oh, I know!  It wasn't the name Medea, it was the acronym MDEA, which was pronounced Medea.

Mount Diablo Educators Association... our local teachers union.  (Not the same union represented by the gentleman noted above.)

I'm not saying that teachers unions are made up of child killers.  I'm just wondering why the leaders of teachers unions have never denied that they're made up of child killers.  Isn't that kind of strange?