July 6, 2007

winner, winner, winner!

~willow~ has tagged me with the Thinking Blogger Award. Yay! I have been on the sidelines watching the other kids play tag for weeks and wondering if anyone would ever notice me. Then ~willow~ shows up and says I'm it, and I don't feel like a lonely loser any more. Well, not so much anyway.

What is the Thinking Blogger Award, you ask? You didn't ask? Shut up, I'm going to tell you. It's a game of tag where anyone who gets one of these awards is allowed to tag five other blogs by bloggers who appear to think before posting. Or maybe it's five blogs that make you think. Anyway, thinking is involved. So to the five blogs and bloggers below: You're it!

  • Post-Mediocre by J@na
    Although she does not post that much, J@na has such nice turn of phrase and a clever wit that I love to see every post. Especially that last Fiction Friday poem. What a hoot.
  • Write From Karen by Karen
    Karen is the reason I got hooked up with Write Stuff and began reading two of the others on this list.
  • Rough Draft by D.Challener
    One of the Write Stuff writers, D.Challener has a keen eye in critique and a strong voice in fiction.
  • Drawing on Words by Tammi
    Tammi is another Write Stuff weekly writer whose blog I like to check daily.
  • Bending the Twigs by Crimson Wife
    I came upon this blog through Thursday Thirteen and have enjoyed looking at it often. But Crimson Wife's posts make me think too much, so I can't read all of them. I just don't have time.
(By the way, I did not select anyone else I knew had already won the award or who has such a popular blog that everyone I know already knows about it, like Evil Editor or Agent Kristin or Writer Beware. And I didn't include anyone I thought might prefer to be known only to close friends.)

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