August 14, 2008

Peter needs...

Got this from someone's blog, but I forget where, someone on 10 on Tuesday perhaps. Looked fun, so I figured I'd try. The idea is to google your name with "needs" appended. So I googled "Peter needs." Apparently I need

  • Peter needs to save Dumbledore. Albus needs my help?
  • Peter needs more steps in recovery. Hmm. What does google know that I don't?
  • Peter needs a band! Now you're talking!
  • Peter needs help sorting contract nuances. Don't we all?
  • Peter needs some dong. Uh... oh dear. No.
  • Peter needs service. OK, that's closer to the mark.
  • Peter needs a man to repair the car. Is my car broken?
  • Peter needs you. Now that's deep. And truer than you'll ever know.
  • Peter needs Facebook. Google said that. Go figure. Plus, Peter has facebook
  • Peter needs help.
  • Peter needs a vasectomy. Or so say the teachers of my kids.
  • Peter needs to learn. I'm trying, really I am.
  • Peter needs a place to go. I know, you can tell me where to go. ha ha ha. Smartass.
  • Peter needs to be given a little more slack. Word.
  • Peter needs to get a haircut. OK, now that's just mean.
This is actually way more fun than you'd think it would be.


Precie said...


But this is easier for some people to do than others. I'm just sayin'.

Blogless Troll said...

Yeah, I got "no results found" for "Blogless needs."

PJD said...

Point taken, Precie. And in some cases, the results may be difficult to explain to the spouse...

BT, I am not at all surprised. You got it all already. Google's pretty smart that way.

Merry Monteleone said...

I get a lot of hits on Christmas...

But I did find out there's another Merry in Glasgow, who's 21 and has the tagline 'Merry by name and nature' - which I thought was pretty cool...

Otherwise, I get:

Merry needs an update (nice, fine... maybe some highlights...)

Merry needs to lighten up (ha)

Merry needs a home (I have one but wouldn't say no to an Italian Villa for vacations)

Merry needs flashcards (which reminds me, back to school shopping awaits)

Unknown said...

That's great - apparently I need "your help," "four pieces of tape," and "cake," among other things...

McKoala said...

Apparently McKoala doesn't need anything. However, under my real name I need psychological help.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Number one hit?

Sarah needs a cold shower.


Precie said...

LMAO! What kills me is that I figured I wouldn't have ANY results...and then, of all things, the ONE result that comes up isn't even me. Pinky swear it isn't. wth?

And there were NO hits for "Precie thinks" but I swear I do!

Robin S. said...

Hmmm. I gotta say - this looks fun!

Going to check now...

among the choices:

Robin needs about 40 calories a day.
Robin needs some advice.
Robin needs a Batman...