August 20, 2008

haiku wednesday - August 20, 2008

This week's words are

Happy #100, 3WW! I hope these words don't reflect how bone feels about 3WW. These seem like the foundation for a depressing Arthur Miller play. But it seems I can have fun with almost any set of three words.

nun's eyes settle cold
tilted habit towering
hole bored through my soul

bored, chubby bus girl
contents settle in shipping
donut habit weighs

settle in the burbs
bored wife picks up bad habit
caught with neighbor, nude


Joyce said...

The bored, chubby bus girl was my favorite, because it is an unexpectedly funny response to some sad, bad words. I liked all three, really. Wasn't bored at all.

Linda Jacobs said...

These made me chuckle!

paisley said...

this is always the highlight of my wednesday... yes my life is less than eventful... but anyway.... i love number one!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I am not Catholic, I felt a certain fear reading the first haiku. You have a wonderful series of ku's based on this prompt.

Tumblewords: said...

These couldn't be better. I still have a grin-marked face.

Anonymous said...

I really think I should bow down and hail to the Haiku king if I ever met one! Dude this is like being a word champion! I am never EVER disappointed to read any of the haiku' s that you come up with for 3Ww - in all seriousness -its is some kind of genius! I love all three but number one is my fave! So I also urge to collect all of these in a compilation and sell it on ebay - all of us 3ww would buy it I'm sure!
My 3ww is entitled Old Habits Die Hard I Know I kill Them - please check it out and let me know what you think!

PJD said...

Thanks, all! Keep the flattery coming, whether it's sincere or not. Amarettogirl has raised the bar, though. I may have to have a running contest... I've discovered I like to be flattered and I am very good at convincing myself that it's true, it's all true. So let me think on this, but I might start a contest wherein the best adulatory blarney in my comments wins you your name in a haiku, or limerick, or sonnet or something.

anthonynorth said...

The full range from subtlety to full on today.

Anonymous said...

you sure know how to have fun with words, I have fun reading these

TC said...

Happy #100, 3WW! I hope these words don't reflect how bone feels about 3WW.


Excellent observation. One might have to guess that perhaps he does after all this time?

But your instructions were right: I was not bored while reading your haiku. :)

Lucy said...

I didn't think of a nuns habit! clever fellow!

Anonymous said...

The first one is so well done!

Anonymous said...

the ku you create are just kinda kookie everyday stuff you bring alive in your witty way...