August 6, 2008

haiku wednesday - August 6, 2008

This week's words are

I love love love these words. They are short (only six syllables, yay!) and flexible. Can't wait to see what the rest of you do with them. I keep thinking I should write more "serious" haiku... you know, work in the nature metaphors and high falootin' literary shme. But then I can't help myself and fall back on simple story and cheap humor because it amuses me so.

unnoticed, I slept
seven thousand million years
time again to rise

no more unnoticed
ten million meek rise in rage
inheriting time!

one million dollars
I thought would go unnoticed
time in prison sucks


TC said...

I liked the words a lot this week as well. The only thing I noticed for me was that I try to only use the word ONCE in my writing, and I never realized how many times (ha) I use the word "time" in one short fiction story.

Your haiku are fun as always. My personal fave this week is the one you left on the 3WW blog. It was funny :)

Lucy said...

that last one had me smiling from ear to ear! great job as usual! :)))

anthonynorth said...

Yep! That last one's excellent.

Joyce said...

Shades of Rip Van Winkle, pjd!
Those were good. :)

I did me some tanka.

Anonymous said...

I've always like your cheap humor, and they are amusing, I wish I could write something funny but never did quite able to write humor, I like the first haiku,

McKoala said...

I like the first one.

Unrelated...Why are you in Bend, Oregon?

Unrelated...I lost my blog links.

PJD said...

tc, interesting goal to use the words once and only once. Some of bone's choices would be difficult indeed.

I'm glad I'm not the only one occasionally amused by my own cheap humor. (Thanks, lissa! :-)

McKoala: I was in Bend visiting friends. But I happened to piggyback a work meeting on top of vacation. Wait, isn't that supposed to be the other way round? I knew I was doing something wrong.

paisley said...

excellent as usual... love that last one!!!!!

susan said...

Really like the one you posted on the site. I often wonder what it takes to elicit a comment and at other times, I think it better to say nothing that post something that says nothing. lol

I, too, like your humor. I think it hard to write funny so I appreciate those who can.

writtenwyrdd said...

I think this is my favorite collection of haiku by you so far.

Are you ever going to assemble the alphabet poems into a manuscript? I bet you could get that published, Peter.