July 1, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Sports!

This week's Ten on Tuesday theme is "10 Favorite Sports to Play/Watch." I decided to break it down into five of each.

To Play:

  1. Soccer
  2. Ultimate Frisbee
  3. Racquetball
  4. Skiing
  5. Bowling... or maybe golf. Or bowling. Does roller coaster riding count?
To Watch:
  1. College football
  2. Soccer
  3. Pro football (NFL)
  4. Hockey
  5. Martial Arts. Or maybe roller derby. Does pole dancing count?
Come out and play! What would your list include?


Amberleigh said...

Oh your #5's on both list are great LOL

JaneyV said...

To play - rounders!
To watch - rugby, rugby or maybe rugby!

I enjoy doing yoga but I wouldn't go as far to call it a sport.

I like your Tuesday lists!

Joyce said...

We're really into soccer in our family, too.

I enjoyed reading your account of going to visit your son's summer camp, before scrolling down to this. It sounds like he's having a wonderful time. :)

Maisie said...

I don't watch Martial Arts, but took Taekwondo in college for a semester. Would have continued except I was told that I would have to break a board at the end of the semester.

ShannonW said...

I think riding roller coasters should count! Hummm not so sure about pole dancing LOl

frizzyeatworld said...

Very cool list. Matched here and there, nobody's perfect. lol kidding

I did get hurt bowling. I played like 7 games that one day (tournament) and somehow somewhere I let myself be stupid and twisted my ankle. Twisted it BAD. For the love of the game, eh? lol

Cheers from Bangkok. ;)

Me said...

Speaking of pole dancing, if you haven't yet seen Kevin James' (King of Queens) version, it's worth watching--

Doug Pole Dancing