January 30, 2012

another free story

Actually, 18 free stories. Tuesday and Wednesday only.

On Tuesday, January 31, you can download the entire anthology Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever free from the Kindle store. This fabulous anthology covers several genres all on one theme and includes some really excellent writing.

On both Tuesday and Wednesday, you can download each of the 18 single stories for free, including my story, Distractions.
George thought Stinson’s window office would surely be his after making a momentous discovery while on holiday. When the distractions get too much, however, his wife cooks up a surprise to remind him that love is always worth sacrificing for.
Want to learn more about the stories and authors? The blogs below are spotlighting their Extinct stories on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. Go visit and say Hi! And download the free stories. You can't beat the price, and them's some good readin'.

Don't forget you can get a free app from Amazon to let you read Kindle books pretty much anywhere.

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