February 8, 2012

haiku wednesday - sharp as a... um... whatever edition

This week's words are control, flesh, razor
February already, and it's my first 3WW. Disgraceful. Hey, did you see I published my novel? It'll be available free ebook download February 17 through 19. Mark that on your calendar, ya?

mind like a razor
in my wheelchair, my one wish
give me flesh control

my wife's razor stare
can't hide the bare flesh on stage
mind control won't work

flesh peels back in strips
her razor gives me control
cold winter's murder


Jae Rose said...

What a sharp mix of verses..I flitted between both sides of the knife edge..which was, yes..sharp..good to see you again..Jae

Sheilagh Lee said...

wow powerful piece

PJD said...

Jae, thanks! I think by next Wednesday we'll all be ready for a metaphor that doesn't involve razor sharp knife edges... :-)

Sheilagh Lee, great to see you, thanks for coming by!

Unknown said...

The same words.
The same form.
Three dramatically different scenes.
Quite masterful, Peter!
My favorite? The middle piece. I know that stare!

dandelion girl said...

Three very different takes on the three words. All thought provoking and good. Last one is very disturbing but brilliantly written. Sharp as Jae says. The middle one made me smile, my husband would agree with that!

Cgull said...

Love the Haikus, and you did great. Cheers.

PJD said...

Kim, LOL, I think a lot of people know that stare. :-) Thanks for the kind words. I'll take "masterful" any time.

dandelion girl, what a wonderful name you have! And thanks for the kind words. I will always take "brilliantly written" for sure.

Chris, thanks for the nice comment!