January 28, 2012

SEMPER in print and free download

The print version is now available on Amazon, too. I was told people had trouble buying it at createspace.

The ebook has been well received so far. Thank you to all who have read it!

If you've read it already, please stop by the Amazon page for the book and write a short review. Just scroll about halfway down and look for the create your own review button on the right. One quick paragraph with your thoughts is enough.

Two items of news about the book.

First, I will be running a promotion offering the ebook for free download during the San Francisco Writers Conference, which runs February 17 through 19. You don't have to be at the conference to get the ebook for free. Since I will be volunteering at the conference for my fifth year in a row, I just thought that would be an appropriate time for a promotion. All I ask is that if you take advantage of the free download and like the book, you consider doing two things:

  1. Actually buy the ebook (or the print version if you prefer), and/or
  2. Write a short review at the book's page as described above.

Surveys show that the two biggest reasons people pick up a book are (a) personal recommendations and (b) familiarity with the author. With only short stories published, I hope everyone who likes SEMPER will help out with category (a).

Second, the print version of the book is now available at the createspace.com store and will be available on amazon.com in about a week.

I'm so incredibly excited about all this that it's hard for me not to talk about it all the time. I promise I will not become one of those tedious constant self-promoters. But it's hard, you know?


Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Of course I'll buy a copy!!!!! I'm so excited to read it! Congratulations!!!

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Just bought it!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

Stacy said...

I bought one, too. Looking forward to reading it.

PJD said...

Ellen and Stacy, thank you! You both know how much it means when a friend supports like that.