January 27, 2012

Rabbit Hole Day

Lewis Carroll was born on January 27th. The idea of Rabbit Hole Day is to stop making sense for 24 hours to honor the birthday of the guy who came up with Alice and the white rabbit and Cheshire Cat and all that. I, however, take a different approach. I honor the day not by being inane and insane but by penning a poem that attempts to mimic something. You get to decide what it mimics.

With a dollar in my pocket
I set out from Grinnell Lake
walking backwards in my jammies
counting every step I'd take
and I scattered stickle hitches
in the dust stirred by my wake
as I walked beneath the moonlight
wondering when the day would break.

Spichy fregs and skirtle momers
lurkled quisey in the brush
and I think I heard the warbles
of a sprinkle-crested thrush
so I pauzzled for a moment
as I harkened to his hush
heeking closely to his lesson,
since I wasn't in a rush.

"Carry swiftly homeword on,"
said the tinkly, silent bird
so I cocked my head and spread my wings
and rose without a word
then above a horslish wind I soared
til mama's voice I heard
and I woke amid her waksing song,
snugged closely in her skird.


PJD said...

If you post a Rabbit Hole Day post, leave a comment here with a link to it. In previous years, one of my blogger friends (usually fairyhedgehog) has "hosted" Rabbit Hole Day and whipped up participation and dutifully recorded the links. I won't be doing that, but if you post your link here, I'll visit you in the next few days when I'm back from my travels.

Stephen Parrish said...

I love it. Are you channeling e.e. cummings?

PJD said...

no, steve, i don't think so

fairyhedgehog said...

I really like that!

PJD said...

Thank you, Hedgie! Nice of you to drop by and read it. Did you find time to do one of your own?

fairyhedgehog said...

I didn't do one of my own; I seem to have lost my blogging mojo at the moment. I did like yours, though.

Terri Bruce said...

I love it, this was a great poem!

PJD said...

Terri, thanks for stopping by and commenting! And for the kind words.