December 20, 2010

Things I Learned in 2010

Because Erica did it and I thought it was an interesting idea, I thought I'd do it, too, in my own special way.  In the interest of hoping some of you don't make the same mistakes I did, here are some things I learned in 2010, in no particular order or level of quality:

  1. It's easier than you think to steal a catalytic converter from a Toyota 4Runner.
  2. It is possible to overcome time zone changes with coffee and Diet Coke, but not for three different time zones in five days.
  3. Californians lose 30 points of IQ when they have a ballot put in their hands.
  4. Emails that have the subject line "Quick question" always contain a question that takes 30 seconds to read but seventeen painful hours to answer.
  5. Sedona is insanely beautiful, and helicopter rides are expensive fun.
  6. Rock climbing is really fun and really, really hard your first time doing it.  Oh, and it's 90% legs and 10% everything else.
  7. Using an iPad and wireless keyboard not only gets bigger word count, but it also gets you noticed by strangers at Peet's.
  8. Nederland (CO) is a place I would really like to visit again.
  9. Some high school classmates don't change at all in 25 years, and others are unrecognizable.  Sometimes that's good, and sometimes... not so much.
  10. If you carry a FREE HUGS sign at an amusement park, most people will aggressively ignore you.
  11. If you hug the hottie carrying the FREE HUGS sign at the amusement park, your momentary embarrassment will be far outweighed by the blissful karma you gain.
  12. Des Moines, unexpectedly, is not a place that makes me think I must escape immediately.
  13. Being a Senior Vice President is pretty cool.
  14. Tornado warnings may usually pass without incident, but one is enough for me, thanks.
  15. It is possible to be #1 in something and still not win the "best of" award.
I learned a lot more stuff, but mostly I learned to just take it easy, man.  That is to say, abide.


Laurel said...

I learned that I cannot expect that boy I married to just know that fingernail polish is a very bad idea for a three year old girl.

I also learned that if a three year old girl has fingernail polish, you can't see her, and you can't hear her, then you need to achieve a visual immediately.

fairyhedgehog said...

Some of those learnings sound more fun than others!

Happy Holidays!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Peace out, 2010. And may the learnings of 2011 be even more enriching!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Wonderful list. It's tempting to do my own. But is that just another procrastination tool?

PJD said...

Laurel, I knew that fingernail polish was a bad idea for a three year old. Apparently, when I was three, I thought my cat did not smell pretty. So I took a bottle of my nine-year-old sister's "perfume" and poured it on the poor cat's head.

Hedgie, 'appy 'olidays to you, too!

Phoenix, it's all enriching in one way or another, isn't it? Peace to you and yours, too.

Sarah, not procrastination at all! Actually, I find that I am typically astonished with my accomplishments when I tot them up at the end of the year. It's a real self-esteem builder (usually). Go for it!