December 15, 2010

That CRAP that you get at McDonald's

This past election season, our community was thrown into a tizzy because McDonald's wants to put a new restaurant in our area... with a drive through window.  You can imagine the horror that ensued.  Personally, I think it would be kinda convenient.  But a good friend of mine, a lawyer, led the charge against this McDonald's restaurant insertion.  For legitimate reasons.  I've got no beef with him.

But that's not what I wanted to write about.  I wanted to write about a lawsuit filed against said McFood store.  Essentially, the class action lawsuit would force McDonald's to stop advertising toys in their Happy Meals.  They don't want McDonald's to stop including the toys, or stop selling Happy Meals.  And they're not asking for damages.  They just want them to stop advertising that toys come in Happy Meals.

Why?  I quote:

Children nonetheless influence the purchasing decisions of their parents.
McDonald’s exploits that influence, by bombarding children with advertisements for
Happy Meals with toys, knowing that it will result in kids nagging parents to purchase
nutritionally poor Happy Meals for their children.

Oh the horror!  Oh the humanity!

OK, my reactions:
  • Pretty much all children whine when they want something.
  • Parents need to grow a spine and say "no" once in a while.
  • It's pretty stupid to expect McDonald's to have your best interests at heart.  They sell fatty, salty, sugary comfort food and always have.
I do think McDonald's should be forced to do something about their Happy Meals, though.  They need to reduce the excessive packaging they use, and they need to include only toys that actually have a chance of being used at least once instead of being torn open, being recognized as utterly useless, stupid-looking, licensed landfill fodder, and being thrown in the trash on the way out of the store.

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous lawsuit I've seen.  It really shows American "parents" to be the helpless children they are.  I think we should make a law that says if you're not mature enough to say "no" to a kid when the kid whines about a Happy Meal, you're not mature enough to have children.


Unknown said...

You may not have a beef with your friend, but this Happy Meals(tm) thing certainly has you cheesed :-)

Sarah Laurenson said...

I seem to be meeting more and more people who are miracles because they can sit and stand without a spine. Don't understand it myself.

Although I've not been a "parent", I did have a child living with me for three years. I got that taste. I was asked to have no authority. So I tried not to interfere. Very hard.

I watched as he was paid, bribed, yelled at, cajoled, bargained with - and that was just to eat his vegetables.

Parenting classes should be required. A license would be even better. After all, what coping skills were we taught as children that would allow us to be good parents?

Sarah Laurenson said...


I am following you, but I don't seem to show up in your new fangled Follow thingy.

jjdebenedictis said...

There seem to be a lot of people who think it's government's job to arrange the world to suit them. Censor books they don't want to read, outlaw the beliefs they don't want to practice, and now ban the food they don't want to buy.

You're right; it is like they want to be cossetted children again.

bluesugarpoet said...

The chicken nuggets were the only thing my kids liked to eat at Mc'Ds, and those little nuggets just aren't laden with fat and msg like they used to be. Sheesh. No reason to eat there now!

Seriously, I can't even remember the last time my kids even asked to go to McDonalds. My kids like to eat romaine lettuce for a snack. We are weird.

Maybe that's what is wrong with my family. Not enough fat and sodium in our diets. We do have the sugar food group, covered, however. :)

Ironically, my Word Verification is: fatiobia

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who jokes that everyone should be sterilized at birth and then when they want to have children they have to apply, pass a rigorous parenting class, prove financial stability and then be allowed to have a sterilization reversal. Sounds like Utopia balanced on a greased slope that slants to Pre-WWII Germany.