December 6, 2010

Because we should never forget

A big thank-you to Anonymous, commenting on my previous post about affirmative action.

Today is not Memorial Day.  It is not Veterans Day or any of the other holidays set aside for remembering those who have spent part of their lives defending my country, my freedoms, and my safety.  But it's a pretty good day to do that anyway.

Faces of the Fallen

Reported at the above site are these totals to date:

Year Iraq Afghanistan
2001 0 12
2002 0 49
2003 486 48
2004 849 52
2005 846 99
2006 822 98
2007 904 117
2008 314 155
2009 149 317
2010 59 469

Draw your own conclusions about the efforts abroad.  Personally, I still say going to war in Iraq was one of the most foolish US foreign policy blunders of all time.  Had the US focused 100% of its will on bin Laden and the Taliban and not gotten seduced into the idea of rebuilding Iraq in our image, things likely would be very, very different today.

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