November 21, 2008

out da way FOOL

because it never, ever, ever gets old


pacatrue said...

Alma mater?

For me, the play is the Music City Miracle, Tennessee vs. Buffalo in 1999.

PJD said...

Yeah... I remember it. Now I've spent 10 minutes watching the youtube replays. I'd call it a lateral.

And yeah, I went to Cal. But I got there three years after The Play. Still it gives me shivers to watch the replay.

JaneyV said...

Obviously I'm clueless about American football but I translated it into rugby in my head and - that was sooo exciting! Although if it had been rugby they'd have taken the band away and had them executed in a pub later.

PJD said...

Janey, interesting you should say that... a lot of the players on Cal's football team that year also played rugby, and Cal has been the premier US college for rugby for about 25 years. I haven't watched much rugby, but you can see its influence at points during the play.

There's a good article about the play and coach Kapp 25 years afterward in which he explains his game of "grab-ass" which helped the players be ready for this type of situation.

And of course I bring this up now because Cal and Stanford play today in the 111th Big Game.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Love the band play. Way to keep the defenders from seeing who had the ball at the end. ;-)