November 5, 2008

Election thoughts, and then I'm done

One last set of thoughts on the election.

First, thanks to all of you who dropped by to read my drivel and add some intelligence through the comments. Now, my random thoughts:

  • Both speeches last night were brilliant, and perfect for the attitude that needs to be in place to begin making progress against all the troubles facing the country.
  • Where the hell was that John McCain during the last four months? Gracious, articulate, moderate, charming, courageous.
  • Obama can't accomplish squat without Congress, and I hope to hell that Congress takes a truly inclusive, eyes-open approach to solving our nation's problems. I do not have high expectations on that count, though. Politicians being who and what they are, I expect they're already intoxicated by their huge majority and trying to figure out just how much they can ram down everyone else's throat and just how thoroughly they can consolidate power for the next X years.
  • Hopefully not lost from Obama's speech: a sincere and dramatic appeal for people to reach out and help each other. Neighbors need to know each other. Parents need to act like parents, not children. People need to watch out for one another, offer a helping hand instead of a bitter epithet. Anyone who thinks government will solve all society's problems without the cooperation, work, and sacrifice of individuals in our communities is in for a lifetime of disappointment and frustration.
  • Is he ready to lead? Holy smokes, Obama was PRESIDENTIAL in his acceptance. Not only is he ready, but he's a natural. I hope the Obama we see on stage is the same as the real Obama behind closed doors. If so, we chose wisely.
  • Oh, wait... is Bush still in office?
And now I'm done (I think) with political posts for a while. Which is a good thing because I don't have any time to think about politics any more.

NaNoWriMo update: I've fallen way behind and am thinking of dropping the effort. Got some good ideas and even a pretty good opening, but there's just no time this year for writing.


Anonymous said...

One speech you didn't mention was Dubya's. I usually cringe and have to turn off the television when I see he's speaking but I was impressed with how he handled Obama's victory and he seemed truly sincere when he said that he and Laura were looking forward to welcoming Barack and Michelle to the White House. In his comments I could see a glimmer of the Bush that people (for example, Tony Blair) like, the guy you'd want to have a beer with.

I'm hopeful that congress will move in a more positive direction with Obama. The president sets the tone and I think congress will be re-energized with purpose.

Such a disappointment about Prop 8! But I was ecstatic to see that Prop 2 (the farm animal bill) passed in CA.

You may drop out of Nano? Well, I may join you in that. Maybe some years it's good to leave the Nano fields fallow? (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!). Then we'll attack Nano again next year.

JaneyV said...

As usual I agree with all that you said.

Re NaNo - me too but I'm going to struggle on. But then I don't have half of the things on my plate that you have on yours!

I'm really sad for California about Prop 8. It seems to fly in the face of the constitution to me if everyone is equal except gay men and women. I don't think that bigotry should be enshrined in law.

Stacy said...

The only thing I'm bummed about is that we're losing such great leaders in Illinois!

I was lucky enough to attend the rally at Grant Park on election night. Given how polite and respectful nearly a quarter of a million people were to each other, I'd say we're on a road to better times.

bluesugarpoet said...

I cried when I saw both speeches that night! Ditto on your sentiments articulated here.