November 12, 2008

imagine, if you will...

Imagine a boy, four years old.  He plays with Tonka trucks in the dirt, creating vast imaginary cities and digging great imaginary canyons.

Imagine the boy five years later, nine years old, swinging at a fastball and slapping it over the shortstop's head to score the winning run on opening day of little league.

Imagine this boy at twelve, his friends teasing him about Cindy Lou having a secret crush on him.  He doesn't understand why he hates the teasing.  He just wants to hang out with his friends.

Imagine this boy at fifteen, discovering he has a deep crush on someone in his science class.  He can't wait to see this classmate, to pass notes and sit close while examining the petri dish or reading the digital scale.  He checks his breath before class, thinks about this person at night in the dark alone in his bed.

Imagine this boy at nineteen, intoxicated by the new blood he's found at college.  He's moved on from high school crushes and has new infatuations, new loves.  He understands his immaturity, his need to spread his wings.  He falls into bed as often as he can.  He learns to become a man--what it is to have his heart broken, and to break another's heart.  And he matures from the experience.

Imagine this man at twenty eight, now with the same lover for five years and certain it's true and forever.  He still gets a thrill pulling into the driveway after a long day at work, enjoys lying in bed together on a lazy Saturday morning, grocery shopping together and driving through the countryside.

Now imagine that this man's love is another man.

You already knew what to expect at the end of my monolog, didn't you?  You already knew, from reading my previous posts, that I was going to drop the gay thing on you, and you're rolling your eyes thinking, "C'mon, Pete, you telegraphed that from the word Tonka."

Now imagine the boy in this story is your own son.

And now think about what your yes vote on Prop 8 accomplished.


fairyhedgehog said...

Compelling writing, pjd.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Yep. Yes on 8 people want to protect their assumed to be straight children. And when one of their kids winds up gay what happens? Ask the Republican mayor of San Diego who flipped on the issue of gay marriage and came out in support of it. At his press conference he talked about his gay daughter and gay staffers and not denying them rights.

The gay rights group of Utah is taking the LDS up on their Prop 8 rhetoric when they said they supported other forms of gay unions like domestic partnerships and is working on getting such things on the ballot there. For some odd reason the LDS spokesperson had 'no comment'.

What we need is a famous, black, gay spokesperson to break through that minority stronghold of prejudice. My wife and I talked about it this morning, but we can't think of anyone off hand who might be willing to come out and brave the backlash.

Chris Eldin said...

Very, very well written and beautiful.

Daily Panic said...

this is a very complicated issue.
If it was my own son? I won't have to make that choice, but I do have a daughter and I must tell you it would be very difficult.
Being Southern Baptist we oppose same sex marriage.