November 7, 2008

A brighter day

A friend's post about happy people at Home Depot brought to mind a post I wrote just prior to the 2004 elections about human events causing global changes.

During George Bush's first term, the brightness of the visible dark side of the moon increased, which means that light reflected from Earth increased. Ergo, light reaching Earth from the sun decreased, which meant the Earth literally got darker after 15 years of increasing brightness (Reagan and Clinton). Unfortunately, 23 seconds of googling failed to yield the figures for 2004 through 2008. I'm guessing the Earth continued to get darker in Bush's second term.

Now, though, I am anticipating a reversal with the election of Obama. We've already noticed happy people at Home Depot (which therefore refutes the "global warming" "theory" since clearly they're ice skating in Hell today). And happy people all over. The world is getting happier already, just two days after the election.

Don't believe the world was impacted by the election? Check out the initial analysis by the global consciousness project, The election was as impactful to the global consciousness as the September 11th attacks were.

Personally, I'm planning on buying stock in sun screen manufacturers. It's gonna get brighter down here on planet Earth over the next eight years.

Bush devil image lifted from this place via google image search. Chart lifted from the Global Consciousness Project page linked to in the text.


JaneyV said...

I'm certainly happier! ;0)

Sarah Laurenson said...

Is he gone yet?

Is he gone yet?

Is he gone yet?

Is he gone yet?

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm not surprized to hear this, actually.

Tim Atkinson said...

There's a neat joke that goes...
It's January 2009, and an old man shuffles to the White House and asks the Marine on duty if he can see President Bush. 'No sir' says the Marine. 'Bush doesn't live here anymore'. The next day the man asks again, and gets the same reply. On the third day, the Marine says 'Look, I told you yesterday and the day before - Bush don't live here anymore.'
'I know' says the old man. 'I just like the hear it.'