April 1, 2009

haIku wednesday - April Fools edition 2009

This week's words are

HAPPY POETRY MONTH! I am going to write at least one poem a day through April, though I won't necessarily be posting them all. In fact, bloggy buddies who liked The Unlucky 26 may want to stay tuned for a sequel in the works, though plans are still sketchy at best.

knack for stomping feet
tantrums varied and robust
crush sour grapes; make whine

I crush easy, hard
a knack for losing my heart
varied receptions

her colors varied
champagne gold to Orange Crush
a chameleon's knack


ThomG said...

I salute you April plans. As always, I fund your haiku fun and insightful.

Jacqueline Dove said...

Enjoyed these - orange crush, very good use of crush.

Aniket Thakkar said...

April plans sound yummy!

I hereby officially declare you god of Haiku! :-)

Loved all three of them a LOT!

Tuesday's seem incomplete without Lena's Love ramblings, and Wednesday won't be this good without your 'Haiku Wednesdays'.

Sherri B. said...

You definitely have a knack for fun haikus! :~)

I loved the 'whine' one especially.

gautami tripathy said...

My crushed spirits rise up with your knack of writing varied haiku!

sun trickles down my back

Blogless Troll said...

In fact, bloggy buddies who liked The Unlucky 26 may want to stay tuned for a sequel in the works


PJD said...


Nope. Though that could be an interesting bit, too. Maybe April of 2010.

Lucy said...

good luck with poetry month!
Loved this last haiku best but you are always so creative!

Tumblewords: said...

A lovely trio of creativity! Good luck on the Poetry Month gig. I'm passing this year - first time in four. Unless... :)

Angel said...

I like the first one best this week. I'm going to try and remember to do a poem a day this month too. Someone on mylot brought it up the other day and it sounded like a good idea.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Yeah, clever three, make whine - my favorite.

susan said...

Like them all, the last especially.

one more believer said...

oh, i had to laugh, sniffle and smile... always a pleasure to stop by....