September 3, 2008

haiku wednesday - September 3, 2008

This week's words are

Off on a business trip shortly. I apologize to all my online friends that I've been too busy to visit your blogs for the past couple of weeks. Haven't even had time to blog myself or even keep up with your comments here. Some things have gone awry, and my hiatus will last another couple of weeks. Blame the season.

home from hiatus
ripped drapes, glass shards, all awry
sure, cat, blame the dog

dress awry, cheeks flushed
blame the heat, we know better
nooner hiatus

project plan awry
oh, snap! blame Tim while he's gone
he's on hiatus


TC said...

I laughed at the first one... and was a little jealous of the second one ;)

Nice job putting the three words into your intro as well :)

poefusion said...

Love the first two haiku. Isn't it just like that cat to blame the dog. And, who could have a nooner hiatus in this heat? Nice job. Have a nice day.

Lucy said...

great haikus, love the first best! haha

Anonymous said...

yeah, the first one's I like the best, you have a way with the 3ww, always an enjoyable read, thanks

and I also like your haiku at 3WW

Tumblewords: said...

LOL - these are great!

susan said...

I wish I could be so funny. No worries. I know where to come to get my funny on. Hope the business of the season is worth it.