September 10, 2008

haiku wednesday - September 10, 2008

Bone, the originator of Three Word Wednesday, has decided to stop picking words. So today I have no haiku. But it's not because I can't pick my own damn three words and write some haiku for it. I might even write a random word picker script or something in the future.

No, it has more to do with being simply too busy. I find it funny when bloggers apologize for "not blogging in a while." What I feel bad about is "not visiting all your blogs in a while." I'm sure no one really cares whether I post something or not. Like the haiku at the top of this page says, I'm just one more voice among millions.

I can't believe I haven't even had time to visit all the voice recordings from this most recent round.

Mostly it's work. My job (at least the busy portion of it at this moment) is to run a charitable giving campaign for over 160,000 employees across 80 business lines in all 50 states. We have a team of three people to run this campaign. Last year we generated over $28 million in pledges, and I am hoping that number will top $30 million this year. Not bad for a single company. Last week I flew to LA to present at a senior leaders meeting; yesterday I did the same in San Francisco, then held a conference call with over 600 attendees to talk about campaign policies an best practice. Today we present (via phone) to more than 150 United Ways around the country. Did I mention that I personally design, build, and maintain the web site and database used by our 65,000 donors?

Yeah, it's a busy time. Not to mention the cub scouts, boy scouts, and soccer coaching. So what do I do when I get overwhelmed like this? Tell myself to enjoy it. Like an earthquake.

So, no haiku this morning. I'd apologize, but really we all know we blog for ourselves first and for others second. So I'd be apologizing to myself, and then I'd have to feel sorry for myself, and then I'd feel bad about bringing myself down, and that's just a vicious cycle.

OK, one haiku:
gray sky, bleary eyes
fuchsia glow on horizon
sunset or sunrise?


paisley said...

i am so sure you didnt even use your own words... huh.....

bummer, absence, sympathetic,,

and here i thought they held so much promise.....

Anonymous said...

And I used your words! On a post I had already written.

Just click on my name!

Robin S. said...

Don't worry, Pete. It sounds like you're beyond scrapped for time.

I think it's great that you're into what you're doing for the community at large and for your personal family community.

I understand! We all do. Just hang around with us when you can, OK?

Anonymous said...

You audience awaits for when you have the time.


susan said...

Oh, I know these days. Admire what you do professionally and here. Hang in there.

McKoala said...

Come back when you can! I've been mostly in absentia too.