September 12, 2008

playing bridge

A bridge to the future

or a bridge to nowhere?

I'm not the first to use this juxtaposition of phrases. One clearly represents Obama: Real change, a desire to rejoin the world to try to raise up all people and peoples, a focus on issues like health care and the economy and energy independence and education. The other clearly represents McCain: More of what Bush and the neocons have given us for eight years. The only difference between McCain and Bush is that McCain is far older entering his first presidential race and therefore more likely to die while in office. And the only difference between Cheney and Palin is that Palin chooses to shoot wolves while Cheney chooses to shoot fellow Republicans. (I'll take Cheney any day.)

In the last four weeks, I have lost what little respect I ever held for John McCain. He has become a puppet of the RNC right wing and has entirely lost his moral compass. The baldfaced lies and twisting of fact that are coming from his campaign are the domain of a desperate man whose grasp on reality is slipping. The Republican ticket smears mud in the hopes that the American population will be distracted from what really matters and how we got into this dreadful economic position and no-end-in-sight, no-discernible value war in Iraq.

Then there's the outright hypocrisy from Palin and McCain that simply leaves me bewildered. She voted for the bridge to nowhere before she voted against it. She has more experience than the green Obama, but he's a "Washington insider."

You know, I actually heard that a teacher in our local school was very excited that the Republicans "made history" by nominating the first ever woman vice president. Um. Does no one remember Geraldine Ferraro?

I hope to the FSM that the American people have grown tired of politics as usual and the cynical shit-flinging that McCain is doing. I don't have much faith in the American people, though. They voted Bush a second term. They still pay $200 to watch petulant spoiled brats play baseball for $6 million a year. They can be easily duped by people with no scruples. I've come to believe that Palin is such a person. And I am sad for John McCain, who appears to be losing his faculties in his old age.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about Ferrarro, too - Palin is not the first. *sigh*


Linking to your post!

susan said...

I'm so with you on every point. I, too, the American people will be duped again. I, too, remember a different McCain. Sad what desperation would lead a man to do. And shame on us if we allow ignorance and prejudice (Dems just want to give hand-outs for example) to cloud our judgment once more.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

You are preaching to the choir, dude! It is so unbelievable that McCain chose Palin. I understand it was a smart political move for him, but I can't agree with this whatsoever. Her political ideology is completely anathema to me.

Stacy said...

Totally agree. I hope that when the debates roll around, people will begin to see through the McCain/Palin shenanigans. Right now, it's painful to witness.

Precie said...

Amen, man. Amen.

I'm so sick of the rhetoric and double-speak.

I remember Ferrarro. I remember a different, a noble McCain.

I fervently hope the American voting public can get back to looking at the issue, looking toward the future, and not getting bogged down in discussions of lipstick.

It's gonna be a long 7 weeks.

ThomG said...

3WW Lives

Sam said...

Poor Ferraro - I do remember her nomination, and I did think it was great. I was really hoping Obama would have nominated Hilary. I bet he's wishing he did too now, lol.

JaneyV said...

I couldn't agree more.

In light of the hoo-ha over Bristo Palin you might be interested in this blog post by the wonderful YA writer Maureen Johnson in which she gives her teen audience a bit of advice about sexual responsibility and choices.

Chris Eldin said...

What also bothers me is that he calls himself a maverick, and people think that's a good quality to have in a president.
I am in shock about the bailout. Shock.

Anonymous said...

I remember Ferraro!

I'm looking forward to the Palin/Biden debate in a couple of weeks - I'll be watching it in London with a bunch of other democrats living abroad.