January 2, 2008

haiku wednesday

This week's words are

search button, dumb luck
please pretend you like my site
comments ease winter

button press, bad luck
pretend fairy patterns lost
windshield ice erased

I press The Button
I pretend it isn't me
good luck, humankind


gautami tripathy said...

Great luck that I don't pretend to like those. I press the button to say those are good!

Happy 2008!

UL said...

oh this was fun...no pretension required at my end either :) What a take on the prompt :)

rwellsrwells said...

Now I remember, Mrs. O'Leary's haiku. I do like your site, and your comic/macabre and touching takes on the prompts. As to mine, some people would consider God a "hypothetical amusement," as well.

Heather Kathleen said...

you know? i was going to try the whole haiku route, but then that whole scene unfolded in front of me so i decided to use it.

am i the only person left, in the world, that still counts syllables on their fingers when trying to construct a haiku? i feel certain i am.

you however, DO NOT appear to have that problem and i am jealous. excellent use!

TC said...

I don't have to pretend to like your blog :)

And yes, winter sucks. Bring on spring!

LittleWing said...

what a great take on the prompt...so enjoyable thank you

tumblewords said...

Consider this as 'easing winter'. Nice 'ku and nifty fine site.

mariacristina said...

We sure have a lot of buttons in our world! Nice lighthearted tone for serious themes. Thanks for reading my contribution to 3ww.

Mad Kane said...

Those were fun!
Mad Kane

Linda said...

I like when I can picture what the haiku is saying and I certainly can here! Great job!

Bone said...

Just hoping to ease winter a bit.

I always count syllables on my fingers, whether constructing a haiku or reading someone else's.

Christy said...

enjoyed all of these

last one made me shiver