July 18, 2007

haiku wednesday

This week's words are

Two attempts this week since I missed last week (at a conference). I don't have much time today either, so the quality's not quite up to snuff. Anyway, another one for writers, and one for hitchhiker nostalgia.

cope with rejection
one's true character revealed
I'll stick with it, thanks

no ride; how to cope?
leg coyly revealed roadside
stick your thumb out, babe


Anonymous said...

My what interesting haiku you write. Need a lift?



gautami tripathy said...

I like both in different sort of way.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Those are great! So, glad I got to read them.

Anonymous said...

"the quality's not quite up to snuff." You said.
Couldn't disagree more! The first I find relevant to life as well as writing and the second one's just fun.


Gay said...

Wonderful haiku. Lots of fun, and I think the quality is great. Who says haiku have to be serious? These are playful and witty. I especially like the second. It makes me laugh.

Annie said...

Not up to snuff? Two offerings - me thinks you're an overachieve. I liked both.

Bone said...

Cute haikus. I hate to be all cliched, but someimes less is more.

Though I've never had the pleasure of seeing the latter on the side of the road :)